BUNKER PRO from AgileX Robotics


The tracked-UGV mobile robotic development platform with super high off-road mobility for easily tackling challenging environments like soft soils,steep grades,puddles ,box culverts,etc.


   120 KG Load Capacity   

30° Climbing Angle


BUNKER Pro is a high-precision drive-by-wire mobile robot chassis development platform, which boasts superb off-road performance and high-level IP67. The multi advanced suspension systems and rein-forced shock absorbers bring it a unique anti-collision design to tackle challenging real-world terrains. With accessible hardware interfaces and the strong load capacity of BUNKER Pro, enterprises, academia and research developers can easily develop autonomous robot applications in complex environments, such as inspections,exploration, EOD, video shooting, unmanned transportation and more. 


Fully Upgraded System for Challenging Application Scenarios

BUNKER Pro has a high level ingress protection design for its overall structure, materials and external electrical com-ponents, together with an anti-collision steel exterior and a load capacity of up to 120KG, it can be fitted with various inspection and mapping equipment. The powerful onboard battery supports up to 3 hours of continuous operation and can supply power to external devices to provide an extra insurance for the robot to carry out different tasks. 

  • P67
  • 120KG load capacity
  • 60AH battery; Long run time 


Advanced Suspension System Assures Steady Driving on Tough Terrains

The highly flexible BUNKER Pro has a very low center of gravity, where equipped with the 1500W dual-motor drive, demonstrates super-strong performance in obstacle crossing and climbing. Its highly reliable independent suspension system and the capability of heavy duty and shock absorption, assures smooth drive on tough terrains. 

  • Strong terrain adaptability
  • Powerful tracked structure for obstacle crossing and climbing
  • 30° Climbing angle
  • 1500W dual-motor drive system


Expandable Load to Support Rapid Secondary Development

Bunker Pro can easily integrate third-party sensors, IMU and more in need to quickly build the robotic applications through the CAN protocol, as well as easy to access power from Bunker Pro. Also, we provide rich open-source SDK and ROS_PACKAGE. 

  • Reserve standard profile holes to support quick construction of the top loads(Sensing, IPC, IMU, router, camera, etc.
  • Support custom design of aluminum sensor bracket
  • Support more advanced autonomous driving systems(Such as ROS, Apollo, etc.)





(excluding antenna)


Christie suspension + Matilda

four-wheel balance suspension



800*370*300mm Rated power 1500W*2


ground clearance

120mm Rated torque 144NM
Track 150mm Speed 0-1.5m/s
Grounding rod length 740mm Maximum barrier height 180mm
Weight 180kg Climb grade

30°no-load climbing

(Can climb stairs)

Payload during driving 120kg Minimum turning radius


(Be able to turn on a pivot)

Battery type 48V 60Ah Lithium battery Suspension

6 independent

absorbers on each side

Charging time 4.5h Remote control distance

100M without


Motor 48V DC servo motor Battery duration 3h

Operating Ambient


-20°C~60°C Remote control

The right rocker controls

the movement of the vehicle

Wheel encoder

2500ppr photoelectric

incremental encoder

IP rating IP67
Communication interface CAN / RS233